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"anniversary gift" em português

anniversary gift
  • presente de aniversário

Exemplos de uso para "anniversary gift" em inglês

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Alana tweeted, "my sister's boyfriend 100% sincerely gave her this as an anniversary gift", alongside a photo of the drawing her sister's boyfriend did...
He spots an anniversary gift - a book - in their bedroom and starts reading it.
I have been a fan for 20 years so it seems like an anniversary gift.
It was almost impossible for even a parent to transfer forex from his or her account to present an anniversary gift.
People who have been together two years give one another burial plots as an anniversary gift.
The couple will set off on a cruise this summer which was paid for by their children as an anniversary gift.
What's happened is people (used to) come in on a regular basis to accomplish a mission -- people needed a birthday or an anniversary gift.
Godinez was on her first ever hang-gliding flight - an anniversary gift from her boyfriend - when she slipped from the harness within 30 seconds of soaring above the trees.
It was her first time hang-gliding and the flight was an anniversary gift from her boyfriend.

Traduções parecidas para anniversary gift em Português

anniversary substantivo
gift substantivo
to gift verbo
token gift substantivo
free gift substantivo
anniversary date substantivo
to give a gift verbo