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"and geographic factors" em português

and geographic factors
  • e fatores geográficos

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He said people's vulnerabilities to natural hazards may vary not only due to physical and geographic factors, but also because of their lack of access to resources, and poverty.
The relationship holds even after controlling for differences in wealth, demographics, and geographic factors.
A lot of the other socio-economic and geographic factors were more evenly distributed.
The specific constellation of political, security, psychological, and geographic factors surrounding a certain crisis in the past may not be the same in a future one.
Social, cultural, economic and geographic factors can also affect our ability to tackle loneliness.
Political and geographic factors meant the state capitals emerged as "primate cities" dominating the surrounding region.
That study, which charted about 26,000 instances of conflict, also showed socioeconomic, political and geographic factors played a larger role in armed conflicts than climate change.
He points towards cultural norms and geographic factors to be more important predictors of prosperity or failure of modern nations.

Exemplos de uso para "and geographic factors" em português

EnglishThe cultural and geographic factors involved in legal migration are also significant.
Significativos são também os factores culturais e geográficos ligados à migração ilegal.

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