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"amount of grain" em português

amount of grain
  • quantidade de grão
  • quantidade de grãos

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Similar to dubbel, tripel (aka trippel) is said to get its name from requiring three times the amount of grain as a typical beer.
These include optimising plant architecture, modifying flowering time, and optimising harvest index (the amount of grain as a percentage of the whole plant).
The algorithm determines the amount of grain, yeast, hops and water that should ideally go into each beer.
This amount of grain saved is equivalent to not seeding 247 million hectares of land (assuming average yields of two tonnes per hectare).
Most horse owners are familiar with the acute laminitis that can occur when horses overindulge in a large amount of grain.
The shortage is hampering efforts of railways to clear congested tracks and move the growing amount of grain, oil and other goods.
Many episodes feature a noticeable amount of grain and fast moving scenes tend to appear rough or fuzzy thanks to this.
Barry's helped many growers reach the top of their game where they are producing a maximum amount of grain from a minimum amount of moisture.
We're probably a good 20 percent higher in the amount of grain shuttles in their system.
He said with the expected record amount of grain set to be stored on farms this season, farmers needed to be extra vigilant.

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