"amount of goodwill" tradução em português


"amount of goodwill" em português

amount of goodwill
  • quantidade de goodwill
  • quantidade de ágio

Exemplos de uso para "amount of goodwill" em inglês

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As well as promoting the brand to a big audience, the initiative generated a huge amount of goodwill.
Most leading advertising figures expressed "a huge amount of goodwill" for the news industry.
The report notes that those who facilitated the review experienced a "huge amount of goodwill, faithfulness to the task and desire to serve".
This agreement was put together with a huge amount of goodwill.
Soloway says that she's "grateful for the amount of goodwill that has come from the trans community," thus far.
The amount of goodwill that is towards them is great.
The amount of goodwill that poured in was unbelievable.
There was a significant amount of goodwill generated from this.
There's a fair amount of goodwill for the project.
He said the amount of goodwill between the peoples of the two nations despite the geographical distance is something that they would continue to cherish.

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