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"alleged gang" em português

alleged gang
  • suposta gangue

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During raids to arrest the alleged gang members, police seized a huge haul of goods, including laptops, jewellery, watches and cameras.
Mugshots showing the faces of the alleged gang members were released in batches following requests by local media, as part of the rare crackdown.
Officials said the alleged gang members were arrested after police were tipped off about a negotiation over the sale of newborn girl.
An alleged gang member kneels on the floor, handcuffed by the special anti-gang police.
He was convicted of consorting with an alleged gang member and spent 61 days in jail.
The other has been identified as an alleged gang leader.
The other one has been identified as an alleged gang leader.
The alleged gang leader lives on the estate with his family.
Two of the suspects detained are the wife and sister of the alleged gang leader.
Why would the alleged gang have held on to the incriminating evidence for weeks?

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