"alarm go off" tradução em português


"alarm go off" em português

alarm go off
  • alarme disparar
  • alarme sair

Exemplos de uso para "alarm go off" em inglês

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Even knowing how to access a defibrillator where it is stored in a public place requires some training -- will an alarm go off when the defibrillator is removed?
If you listen carefully, you can hear an alarm go off.
Sources add that sometime during the evening, she heard an alarm go off in her house but thought nothing of it.
When you hear an alarm go off in the building, it's aggressive isn't it?
He said he was on the 16th floor when he heard the alarm go off at 07:16.
They had armed the external security beams and heard the alarm go off.
Someone without schizophrenia can hear a car alarm go off in the distance and barely register it.
Strength said he heard a car alarm go off and suspected that a vehicle was hit in the slide.
The victim told police she heard her car alarm go off, and when she and her boyfriend looked toward the vehicle they saw a man run to a waiting van.

Traduções parecidas para alarm go off em Português

go substantivo
alarm substantivo
off adjetivo
off advérbio
to go off verbo