"agency of government" tradução em português


"agency of government" em português

agency of government
  • agência do governo

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Because, as an agency of government, it has the right to look at security issues from its own canalized perspective.
This is because safety and security is part of our mandate as an agency of government.
It will be difficult for any agency of government to effectively patrol and check the influx of goods and persons through those porous entry points.
We will not allow any agency of government to delay the committee's work.
The quasi- independent agency of government is not just involved in project monitoring, but also measures the social impact of the activities of government.
Therefore, every agency of government, every public officer is in office to serve the purpose of the people.
Most did not see it as an agency of government through which positive impact could be made on society.
In our view, no agency of government, however powerful, should be allowed to operate as a law unto itself.
The agency of government that has responsibiity for making sure that this sector delivers on its potential is not doing well enough.

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