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"age grade" em português

age grade
  • grau etário
  • grau de idade

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When we consider comics and animation, the targeted age grade is usually between 5-35 years old.
When we consider comics/animation, the targeted age grade is usually between the ages of 5 up to 35 or even older.
Traditionally disputes were resolved through the age grade system, cultural arbitration and mediation by council of chiefs/elders.
You're a disgrace to your age grade with your thinking.
The community operated a mixed-gender age grade system, and recognition, reward, and status were not informed by gender consideration but mainly by merit.
However, sitting arrangement is made according to age grade.
Injury ruined his hopes at stepping up an age grade and when it came time for 20s, the hangover still dogged him.
These include initiation into the masquerade and age grade societies.
That's got to be the goal, and hopefully it's the last time you see me racing in an age grade event.

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