"adopt the guideline" tradução em português


"adopt the guideline" em português

adopt the guideline
  • adoptar a directriz
  • adotar a diretriz

Exemplos de uso para "adopt the guideline" em inglês

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But after a change of leadership last year, the agency adopted guidelines that incorporated many of the police group's recommendations.
The schedule for the elections has already been released, without adopting the guidelines for the reservation policy.
First, the company established a pricing department and adopted guidelines designed to thwart pricing missteps.
In 2011, regional council adopted guidelines and procedures for evaluating ambulance donation requests.
A record number of law firms, organisations and businesses have adopted guidelines to tackle depression, a problem that plagues the profession.
The meeting resolved to adopt guidelines for determination of salary and other remuneration to senior management in accordance the board's proposal.
Provinces, however, can choose whether to adopt the guideline, and the lack of a certification process for grey-water treatment systems has been a stumbling block.
However, one can adopt a guideline in weighing these costs and gains.
He therefore called on all adopt the guidelines that would complement and guard against potential dam breakages.
The telecommunications giant adopted the guidelines and has made mental health training mandatory for some 4,000 of its leaders, he said.

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