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"adolescent girl" em português

adolescent girl
  • menina adolescente
  • adolescente menina

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An adolescent girl is a powerful force for change.
An adolescent girl is many times not encouraged to meet her parents, ending up feeling estranged in her new surroundings.
At the onset of puberty an adolescent girl is given a new cloth, usually her first full piece (six yards).
It was led by an adolescent girl, who in the middle of the song, broke into tears.
She has the opportunity to break that intergenerational cycle and that's very unique to an adolescent girl.
The risk of an adolescent girl dying in child birth is twice that of a woman in her 20s.
He simultaneously satisfies all these different urges young women have, which can be a really intriguing fantasy for the adolescent girl.
The advantages of the cosmetic aspect of the procedure in an adolescent girl can not be overemphasized.
Educating the adolescent girl should not just be in academics, good as it is.
He could not talk to an adolescent girl even when they spoke to him first.

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