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"address the governance" em português

address the governance
  • abordar a governança

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Essas frases provêm de fontes externas e podem ser imprecisas. bab.la não é responsável por esse conteúdo.

Ladsous also said that the transitional government will have to "start work from day one" to address the governance, financial misappropriation and improving rule of law.
The summit should help develop "a comprehensive strategy to address the governance, security, development, socio-economic and humanitarian dimensions of the crisis," said a council statement.
The question remains whether an attempt to address governance norms through legislation might lead to unnecessary rigidity in compliance and enforcement.
There are two parallel efforts to address the governance of the humanitarian crisis.
These efforts were urged to address governance, legislation and technical capacities (means and skills).
The required actions and instruments should address the governance of our own oceans, seas and waterways.
The first addresses the governance, accountability, and management of credit rating agencies -- including managing conflicts of interest that are inherent in the business model.
Check and balance within the parties will help bring forward only a genuine, honest and upright leadership which will be dedicated to address the governance issues rather than ignoring them.
Analysts said this structure was used to address the governance issue and increase the likelihood of its approval.
Global economic and financial institutions increasingly shy away from addressing governance and corruption issues.

Exemplos de uso para "address the governance" em português

EnglishThat means that in all the programmes that we address, good governance is key.
A boa governação é o requisito essencial de todo e qualquer programa que queiramos desenvolver.

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