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"address greenhouse" em português

address greenhouse
  • endereço estufa
  • resolver estufa

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Energy efficiency policies should therefore continue to be considered as a way to address greenhouse gas emissions.
Second, while carbon pricing is like the most efficient economy-wide measure to address greenhouse gas reductions, there are many specific instances of market failure that carbon pricing fails to address.
Stakeholders felt that technologies being developed to address greenhouse gas emissions should be discussed with farmers in the developmental stage to establish their practicality.
What the government has done is left itself a lot of flexibility in how to address greenhouse gas emissions.
As its record to date so clearly demonstrates, it should be entrusted to continue that work when it comes to addressing greenhouse gas emissions from shipping.
The pollution has gotten so awful that residents and officials long averse to addressing greenhouse gas emissions are now clamoring for drastic solutions.
This would allow a decision to be made on whether any further measures are needed to enhance energy efficiency and address greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping.
Our two solutions to addressing greenhouse gases and climate impact are to store greenhouse gases and to reduce our emissions.
Attempting to address greenhouse gases unilaterally comes at great cost to the taxpayer and energy consumer for no meaningful environmental impact.
This is why so many environmentally minded experts are excited about the outcome agreement, despite its shortfalls in effectively addressing greenhouse gas emission levels.

Exemplos de uso para "address greenhouse" em português

EnglishThe Environment Committee and Parliament have set a good example in the past as to how we should collectively address the issue of greenhouse gas reductions in the future.
A Comissão do Meio Ambiente e o Parlamento deram um bom exemplo, no passado, sobre a forma como deveríamos tratar colectivamente, no futuro, da questão das reduções dos gases com efeito de estufa.

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