"address a gathering" tradução em português


"address a gathering" em português

address a gathering
  • abordar uma reunião

Exemplos de uso para "address a gathering" em inglês

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A number of knowledgeable experts were to address the gathering.
Eventually one of the ministry's principal officers came to address the gathering.
Mudavadi, who was the last to address the gathering, warned against issuing ultimatums as the alliance works on the modalities to pick its presidential flag bearer.
Sikhosana says any authors, poets or performers who have developmental issues at the heart of their work are welcome to address the gathering.
The church and community leaders took turns to address the gathering.
Unable to address the gathering, she left the gathering in 30 minutes.
Vaali was in his usual self when it his turn to address the gathering.
When it was his turn to address the gathering, the sleepy, overheating man stood up, having completely forgotten about having loosened his belt.
Two wetland specialists will address the gathering.

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