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"acting governor" em português

acting governor
  • governador interino

Exemplos de uso para "acting governor" em inglês

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But this was not the decision of the acting governor.
On their parts, some of the aspirants who are not comfortable with the acting governor, have launched a subterranean plan to checkmate him.
One of them revealed that they promised to make him the speaker and eventually the acting governor.
Since contempt of court was a quasi-criminal issue, the physical presence of the acting governor was needed for the court to give its ruling.
The acting governor was not a well-known politician and, therefore, not a visible member of any political camp in the state.
The delegation members thanked the acting governor for patient listening and assurances.
The delegation thanked the acting governor for patient listening and assurances.
Lacwasan then became the acting governor of the province.
Around 30 people were also suffering from frostbite and other injuries after being rescued, the acting governor said.

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