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"acres of grass" em português

acres of grass
  • hectares de grama
  • acres de grama

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And sad, and very strange, when the cause of the trouble is a few acres of grass.
But there is a beacon of hope on the horizon for those of us without acres of grass who want to make our mowing experience a little less tedious.
Firefighters had the blaze under control by 6:00 p.m., but not before it destroyed one mobile home and hundreds of acres of grass., authorities say.
Think of the maintenance, the acres of grass that need cutting and the boundary walls that need pointing, and you can see why the cost of dying is soaring.
I've been diagnosed and continue to play paintball, cut two acres of grass by a hand mower amongst other things.
He says he's taken out thirsty plants like roses and lawns -- the kibbutz used to have acres of grass, he says.
It sits on 11 acres of grass and trees making it suitable for family gatherings or barbecue.
About 500 acres of grass is mowed each year to produce high-quality hay and haylage, predominantly for the equine market.
The farm acreage is split to 120 acres of grass and 180 acres arable cropping.

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acres substantivo
of preposição
grass substantivo