"acres of gardens" tradução em português


"acres of gardens" em português

acres of gardens
  • hectares de jardins
  • acres de jardins

Exemplos de uso para "acres of gardens" em inglês

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The house sits on 0.755 acres of gardens that are in lawns and planting.
John bought a 125-year lease on the house and four acres of gardens.
The surrounding estate is made up of 14,000 acres of gardens, farms and forests.
Many farmers have lost hundreds of acres of gardens to the disease.
Opened as a hotel in 2012, the property is much more than its interiors, though; some 17 acres of gardens border the buildings.
Her property has three acres of gardens, an 80-year-old pear tree and a century-old quince tree that she picks from for her products.
The 112-room hotel, which dates back to 1700, is set in 66 acres of gardens, woodland and lakes.
Our en suite room overlooked the seven acres of gardens and grounds.
The nursery is famous locally for its acres of gardens featuring more than 400 varieties of roses.
The 12 acres of gardens are an attractive addition for summer evenings -- if somewhat under-used.

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gardens substantivo
acres substantivo
of preposição