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"acid gas" em português

acid gas
  • gás ácido

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Maybe we should cease the generation of fossil carbonic acid gas, aka "carbon dioxide," whether fossil investors like it or not.
Methane is about 100 times as potent a greenhouse gas compared to carbonic acid gas.
That "economic organism" believes that mined materials (uranium, coal, petroleum and methane) are "energy resources," rather than explosive materials that are toxins in numerous ways (e.g. carbonic acid gas).
The purdah practice can be compared more accurately with the deadly carbonic acid gas.
Acid gas would be removed by an amine process and then re-injected into the reservoir.
The event revolved how a production facility strips acid gas from carbon stream prior to liquefaction.
But this process also released large amounts of deadly hydrochloric acid gas.
Cott also expects to finalise the optimal process for the removal and disposal of acid gas.
The contracts include over 1000 control valves, valve controllers and actuators for applications ranging from inlet gas processing, acid gas removal, liquefaction and fractionation to anti-surge and cryogenic.
It is also responsible for removal of water vapor, acid gas separation, and heavy hydrocarbon separation from the gases.

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