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"achievement gap" em português

achievement gap
  • lacuna de realização

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And yet we sit in a room and bemoan the achievement gap, war in the world, poverty, patriarchy being rampant.
For example, he said blacks generally have a greater interest in issues such as juvenile justice, minority contracting and the achievement gap.
In addition, for opinion leaders, this is a tremendous opportunity to support policies and issues that will make a difference in closing the achievement gap.
No insight is provided into whether a student is on the road to closing the achievement gap.
That debate aside, it is a mistake to assume that funding increases for public schools can close the achievement gap.
The biggest injustice here is the technology gap that has a direct effect on the achievement gap.
The public school board also offers its 25 neediest schools more staff and money in an effort to close the achievement gap.
When debating education, much attention is given to the achievement gap, which credits disparity in socioeconomic status as the key factor separating success in school.
Analysis of standardized tests over a 50-year period shows the achievement gap between rich and poor has grown steadily.
But two decades of national attention have done little or nothing to close the achievement gap between poor students and their better-off peers.

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