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"achievement gains" em português

achievement gains
  • ganhos de realização

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In addition to these achievement gains, blended learning is also proving to be more cost-effective for taxpayers than the traditional model.
A percentage-point increase in a school's average student engagement level was associated with reading and math achievement gains of 6 percentage points and 8 percentage points, respectively.
Also, the state exam was new, making it difficult to compare achievement gains to past trends.
Achievement gains are typically small in each year, but cumulative over time.
Education vouchers go straight to the user and have long been shown to provide the largest achievement gains for the most disadvantaged students in developed and developing economies.
So a school in a poor neighbourhood that shows consistent achievement gains would actually be considered more successful than a school in a rich neighbourhood that remains stagnant.
As a result, these districts have realized student achievement gains, with the greatest gains often for low-income and children of color.
Student achievement gains or "value-added" measures are valuable when they are available, but less than a quarter of teachers work in tested grades and subjects.
Analyses of other similar natural experiments suggest a similar relationship between instructional days and average achievement gains.
But school officials said financial savings would reduce student achievement gains and choices in learning.

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