"accomplish a goal" tradução em português


"accomplish a goal" em português

accomplish a goal
  • alcançar um objetivo

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A team is appropriate when multiple skills and perspectives are needed to accomplish the goal.
I'm not sure how long it will take to accomplish the goal.
Regardless of the endeavor, sustained momentum will keep you moving toward your target to accomplish the goal.
The city says they need about $2,500 to accomplish the goal.
The idea is to keep your reward system alluring enough so that your mind is forced to put its best effort to accomplish the goal.
The leader takes steps to make sure adequate resources are available to accomplish the goal.
While they would like to live better, global citizens seem unsure of how to accomplish the goal.
Any group is at its best when it's working together to accomplish a goal, and that's also true of residents of a municipality or a larger region.
In the future, humans can use their thoughts to manage a team of robots that will work together to accomplish a goal.
It brought all different types of people from all age ranges together to accomplish a goal.

Exemplos de uso para "accomplish a goal" em português

EnglishThis directive does not in any way accomplish the goal it sets itself.
A presente directiva não alcança, de forma alguma, o objectivo a que se propõe.
EnglishSo, is there a better way to accomplish that goal?
Então, há alguma maneira melhor para atingir esse objectivo?

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