"accept a gift" tradução em português


"accept a gift" em português

accept a gift
  • aceitar um presente

Exemplos de uso para "accept a gift" em inglês

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Although, initially, she refused to accept gifts from him, she bowed to his requests.
The report, many anti-corruption crusaders have said, may end up encouraging public officials to accept gifts from businessmen who have business dealings with the government.
For those that do not accept the gift, you will experience darkness so fierce the color of a person's skin will never enter your mind.
Reid expressed his gratitude but said he could not accept the gift.
The chemicals on the silk cause the female to accept the gift, and assume a courtship posture, hence initiating the copulation process.
The city council voted 42-7 with four abstentions last night to accept the gift, according to news agency dpa.
Claremont councillors have a self-imposed code not to accept gifts, and an online gifts register for any that are.
Senators are permitted to accept gifts, including rides on private planes, from personal friends, but they must disclose such gifts on their financial disclosure forms.
The tree was standing ready to accept gifts at its feet.
Undeterred, the man put his foot in the door and demanded the family accept the gift.

Exemplos de uso para "accept a gift" em português

EnglishPlease accept this gift from the people of Poland.
Aceite por favor esta oferta do povo da Polónia.
EnglishBut bearing in mind what you have decided this week, I would rather not accept any gift of any kind.
Muito obrigado, Senhores Deputados, mas, tendo em conta o que aprovaram esta semana, não aceito ofertas de espécie alguma.

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