"accelerate the growth" tradução em português


"accelerate the growth" em português

accelerate the growth
  • acelerar o crescimento

Exemplos de uso para "accelerate the growth" em inglês

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Boosting aggregate demand should now be the first strategy to accelerate growth, which would be followed by economic expansion.
Luxon says his strategy will be to accelerate growth, while balancing customer, commercial and cultural imperatives.
The funding will support continued store expansion and invest in the company's infrastructure to accelerate growth.
The only way to do this is to accelerate growth.
The president said his government is working tirelessly to generate more power to accelerate growth.
The startup plans use the funds to accelerate growth, invest in its talent base and strengthen supply and fulfillment structures.
They created lots of export processing zones, gave them autonomy to accelerate growth.
You can use campaign-style tactics such as contests, polls, sweepstakes, special offers and games to accelerate growth.
Budget 2014 is focused and pragmatic and provides the necessary ingredients to accelerate the growth of our already strong marketplace.
Sentric is looking for a passionate, dedicated and entrepreneurial individual to accelerate the growth of this aspect of the business.

Exemplos de uso para "accelerate the growth" em português

EnglishState aid should accelerate sustainable growth and sustainable competitiveness, and reduce regional disparities.
Os auxílios estatais devem acelerar o crescimento sustentável e a competitividade sustentável e reduzir as disparidades regionais.
EnglishThe adoption of the directive will make life easier for consumers and entrepreneurs, accelerate economic growth and create 600 000 new jobs in Europe.
A adopção da directiva permitirá facilitar a vida de consumidores e empresários, acelerar o crescimento económico e criar 600 000 novos postos de trabalho na Europa.

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