"academically gifted" tradução em português


"academically gifted" em português

academically gifted
  • academicamente talentoso

Exemplos de uso para "academically gifted" em inglês

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But he picked up the language quickly, fitted in, and was obviously academically gifted.
Why are these academically gifted young men so criminally confused, and who can play doctor to these doctors-to-be?
Adichie, the fifth of six children and academically gifted, was expected to become a doctor.
Thanks to its government and charitable funding, the area's academically gifted students can attend for free - even down to school excursions.
Every decent parent wants what is best for their child, academically gifted or not.
Which is why the comprehensive system was a millstone around the neck of academically gifted pupils.
On the surface, it seems that she has it all -- academically gifted, loved by her family and friends, and driven.
Because now you have a good kid -- who is athletically and academically gifted and who you are not paying attention to -- goes and does this.
The subcommittee report also found that some of the hockey players are less academically gifted than the vast majority of their classmates.
People think an apprenticeship is for those who aren't as academically gifted as uni students.

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academically advérbio
gifted adjetivo