"academic gains" tradução em português


"academic gains" em português

academic gains
  • ganhos acadêmicos

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Even a one-time, 30-minute online intervention can spur academic gains for many students, particularly those with poor grades.
Researchers concluded that 17% of charter schools reported academic gains that were significantly better than traditional public schools.
Dayton students have made some major academic gains over the past several years.
If substantial academic gains are not made, the campus could be taken over by the state and changed into a charter school.
However, during the summer months, the latter group regressed in learning, while their counterparts made small academic gains.
This kind of mobility can erase any academic gains made over the school year.
Without that, the academic gains wouldn't be happening, because unless you deal with the emotional baggage and the psychological issues, you can't enable them to access the curriculum.
Experts say the jury's still out on whether portfolio management models actually lead to any academic gains for students.

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