"absence of guidelines" tradução em português


"absence of guidelines" em português

absence of guidelines
  • ausência de orientações
  • ausência de diretrizes

Exemplos de uso para "absence of guidelines" em inglês

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He argued that it was unfair to charge the judge with misconduct and for him to prepare his defence in the absence of guidelines.
In the absence of guidelines, regulatory agencies are finding it difficult to track and monitor such sale.
In the absence of guidelines, some inconsiderate and unscrupulous old age homes make life difficult for the inmates.
My concern is in the absence of guidelines, there's no control over offices to make donation drives.
They argue that in the absence of guidelines, both the average size of hospital bills and treatment frequency grow at an alarming rate.
First, doctors shouldn't be asked to prescribe cannabis in the absence of guidelines for accepted therapeutic uses and doses.
Clearly, they are taking advantage of the absence of guidelines to charge patients at their own rates.
He agrees with criticism about the lack of hard scientific evidence on the safety and efficacy of pot, as well as with the absence of guidelines from professional bodies.
The trend raises a number of concerns about the absence of guidelines on medical tattoos and their potential for confusing health workers, the journal says.

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