ES manager

1. negócios

manager {subst.} (of pop group, boxer)
La aplicación Schedule Manager administra las peticiones de grabación de señales.
The Schedule Manager application handles requests for feed recordings.
El análisis estadístico se realizó con el programa informático Review Manager.
Statistical analysis was performed using Review Manager software.
El análisis estadístico se realizó utilizando el Review Manager versión 4.2.1.
Statistical analysis was conducted using Review Manager version 4.2.1.

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SpanishJeron Mehl, TI Manager, Steinbuch Centre for ComputingKarlsruhe Institute of Technology case study
IDC White Paper: Expanding Business Benefit and Lowering Costs Through Desktop Optimization
SpanishDos autores, de forma independiente, extrajeron los datos, que fueron analizados mediante Review Manager 4.1.
DBP -1.68 mmHg (95% CI:-3.29, -0.06; p=0.04).
SpanishSe introdujeron los datos en Review Manager 4.2 5.
SpanishLos datos se analizaron utilizando Review Manager, versión 4.2.
SpanishIn 1989, he came back to Cirque to take on the job of North American Tour Manager for the show Nouvelle Expérience, and continued as Tour Manager for Saltimbanco in 1992 and 1993.
He then took up duties as the Artistic Coordinator of Dralion, Quidam, Mystère and Saltimbanco.
SpanishLouis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, whose grandparents emigrated through Ellis Island.
Our expert network of curators, picture editors, photographers, artists and collectors had the task of creating the initial list of nominees.
SpanishSe realizó un metanálisis de los ensayos incluidos mediante el programa informático de la Colaboración Cochrane Review Manager 4.2.
We included eight trials. Seven trials (3628 women) compared EBRT with no EBRT (or VBT), and one trial (645 women) compared VBTwith no additional treatment.
SpanishSe introdujeron los datos en el programa Review Manager 4.2 Los resultados de los datos continuos se presentaron como diferencia de medias ponderada (DMP) con intervalos de confianza (IC) del 95%.
Data were entered into RevMan 4.2 software. Results from continuous data were reported as weighted mean difference (WMD) with 95% confidence interval (CI).
SpanishAnd Luciano Andriamaro, Science Support Program Manager for CI-Madagascar, understands well how important a healthy river ecosystem is for ensuring benefits for both local communities and wildlife.
The rapid expansion of monoculture palm oil plantations especially in Southeast Asia has led to the continuing destruction of the world's remaining tropical forests.