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ES anochecer

anochecer (também: atardecer, nochecita)
dusk {subst.}
Cuando la noche se cierne sobre Düsseldorf, nosotros en los Países Bajos todavía volamos al alba y al anochecer.
Whenever night begins in Düsseldorf, we in the Netherlands only fly at dawn and dusk.
from dusk to dawn
nightfall {subst.}
we made our escape at nightfall
we kept on until nightfall

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SpanishProclamad, pues, la infinita gloria de Dios cuando entráis en el anochecer, y cuando entráis en el amanecer;
And as to those who disbelieved and rejected Our revelations and the meeting of the Hereafter, these shall be brought to the chastisement.
Spanishrara vez salen después del anochecer
SpanishY al anochecer se presentaron ante su padre llorando,
And when they had gone off with him and agreed to put him in the depths of a pit, We inspired him, "Thou shall surely remind them of this affair of theirs when they know you not.